Trudy Hurley

Trudy Hurley was born and raised in New Orleans and classically trained under her mother Mary Helen Stall, who owned The Green Parrot, an antique and accessories shop on St. Charles Avenue.

Trudy has worked for over thirty five years in the finest homes in the New Orleans area and across the country. Her clients range from sports super stars to young couples just starting out. Approachable beauty with classic elements define her unique interiors. She is known for her fearless love of color and attention to detail, but she prides herself on not having a distinguishable look... "I would rather encourage and refine my clients' good taste, than impose mine on them."

With dozens of local and national publications showcasing her work, Trudy has graced the cover of Southern Accents magazine as well as being chosen for their "Four Under Forty" award... a prestigious group of decorators chosen for their talents in the field of design.

Trudy's projects range from as little as a few hours of design consultation to large scale long term projects.